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Vision & Mission

The Objectives of the IASE

  • Preparation of teacher educators for all levels of school education.
  • Capacity building of the IASE faculty and elementary and secondary teacher educators.
  • Ensure that the spirit and ideas of NCFTE 2009 is incorporated in elementary and secondary teacher education.
  • Promoting research to improve quality education.
  • Provide quality teaching and reading material to teachers and teacher educators.
  • Establish useful and meaningful linkages between DIETs CTEs and other functionaries like ZSK, DEO, JD.

Preparation of Teacher Educators

The precondition of preparing teacher educators is to understand the occupation of a teacher educator. A teacher is a reflective practitioner but she not a person who just thinks and reflects, rather she is the person who is inquisitive about her experience as a teacher. She questions her own lessons and identifies her achievements and drawbacks. She is aware of her capacities and that of her learners. She critically examines the goals set for her learners and is able to judge the goals in the given socio-political dimensions. In this way her reflection is not a state of mind but an on-going practice. A teacher educator is the person who is capable of instilling the capacity of such reflective practice in teachers.

The teacher educator too is reflecting but her nature of reflection is a little deeper in the areas of educational philosophy and theory. She critically reflects on the ethical and political aspects of education and tries to bring consensus about the ends to be achieved in an educational process. She also critically judges the processes and methods involved in education.

The NCFTE 2009 is very clear on how to prepare teacher educators. It proposes a flexible framework of process based teacher education. It emphasizes the development of ‘professional knowledge and capacities through a variety of self-directed tasks including case studies, projects, seminars, and research activities.’ Thus there is a need to revamp the teacher education curriculum in conformity with NCFTE 2009.

The change and reform of the B.Ed. and M.Ed. syllabus needs to be done in the areas of learning and the methods of teaching, learning and evaluation. The reform would be on the following lines. The areas are taken directly from the NCFTE 2009.